Episode 001
Stop, Calibrate, and Listen

May 7th, 2021
Yoga Pants, OnlyFans, and Belle Delphine walk into a bar...

In the inaugural episode of the You Don't Know, Nick Podcast, we meet the person you literally don't know, Nick Massouh. He's pretty out of touch with them kids, even as a Xennial.

Jessica Lynn Verdi, our host, his friend, and full fledged millennial does her best to acclimate him to the rapidly evolving world of Gen Z.

This episode is a full throttle thrust into the culture by introducing him to TikTok Yoga Pants, 100 Gecs, OnlyFans, and Belle Delphine.

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Song played during episode: 100 Gecs - 800db CLoud submitted by Solkattu

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